50 psc Eyelashes Extension Under Eye Pads Lint free patches make up uk


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Pairs/lot Eye Pads Eyelash Paper Patches Lint-free Eye Tips Eyelashes Extension pads

Beauty Eyelash Sticker:

Essential tool for Eyelash Extension.


- Individually Wrapped, each sachet contains 2 under eye Lint Free Gel patches

- Designed for use of eyelash extension application and covering lower lashes for protection

- Lint-free,Mild formulation

- Open the bag and apply on top of lower lashes, taking care to avoid touching the eye or the edge of the lower eyelid


Usage:     Before grafting false eyelashes, apply to the lower eyelash to isolate the upper and lower eyelashes.




1. Thoroughly clean and dry your face

2. Remove the patch from plastic liner

3. Apply the patch under eyes during eyelash

4. Remove the patch slowly from the edges

precaution and warning

- Do not re-use the pads

- If skin irritation or redness, flush the area with water and stop use