Brow Lamination Kit


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2020 NEW Eyebrow Perm and Lift Kit

Naturally gives you a big and beautiful eyebrow. Very suitable for eyebrow shaping, used to tame irregular eyebrows and enhance eyebrow color. Make your face more three-dimensional, perfect for eyebrow dyeing.

【Natural Fullness Effect】

New healthy eyebrow set with uniform texture, creating 3D natural and perfect eyebrows. When the natural eyebrow brush is over, it will increase the thickness, volume and texture. Make your makeup more beautiful.

【Long Lasting 】

After setting, it can be maintained for about 20 days, if it is good, it can be maintained for 45-60 days. Suitable for professional use and personal use.

【Exquisite Package, Perfect Gift】

The appearance is beautiful on any occasion-under special circumstances, your eyebrows will be ready at any time. With our eyebrow lifting kit, your eyes will be ready for a wedding, appointment or graduation ceremony.

Package include: 1 x cling film 1 x brow lift brush 1 x 7ml cleanser 1 x 7ml perm lotion 1 x 7ml fixation lotion 1 x 7ml nutrition lotion 1 x 9ml brow lift glue

How to use:

1: use #1 cleanser lotion to clean off the brow

2: apply #5 brow lift glue on the brow

3: brush the brows with Y shape brush, then cover it with the cling film

4: apply #2 perm lotion, covering with the cling film about 10 minutes

5: apply #3 fixation lotion, covering with the cling film about 10 minutes

6: use #1 cleanser to clean all the perm residue

7: finally, use #4 nutrition to repair the eyebrow, covering it with cling film about 10 minutes

Note: 1: if the brow styling is mess when you apply the #2 perm lotion, you could use the brow brush to styling it again; 2: everyone's skin type is different, the tolerance as well. It will be best try it first on the skin behind your ear.