Hs 15 Professional Glue 7-8 weeks retention


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Premium ENVY HS-15

For absolute professionals | Volume compartments 3D-16D - for professional eyelash stylists -

Our "Premium ENVY HS-15" adhesive was specially developed for 3D-16D volume fan methods.
It dries within 0.5-1 seconds and allows a super fast application to the customer.
This is why he is for absolute premium ENVY HS-15 is an extremely elastic adhesive that holds up to 8 weeks with
a  professional extension and care.
The ENVY HS-15 adhesive is a better version of the Supreme HS-11 adhesive.
Binding force | about 7 - 8 weeks
Drying | 0.5 - 1 second
Viscosity | Liquid type
Color | black
Vapors and irritations | Low to medium