Lash Lift Kit


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Here is including these tools for a set :


1. Silicone perming rod:5 pairs(S,M,M1,M2,L)

2. Y shape brush: 3pcs

3. White perming lotion(#1 lotion): 1pcs

4. Blue fixation lotion(#2 lotion): 1pcs

5. Yellow collagen lotion(#3 lotion): 1pcs

6. Clear cleanser lotion(#4 lotion): 1pcs 

7.Lash Perming glue: 1pc


8 .No irritation,one set can apply on about 8-10 person.


9. Welcome LBD Lashes Pro online Store !


ONLY for Salon peofessionals .''use very carefully don't drop into your eyes we are not responsible for any incorrect use''

For Professional Eyelash Technician,1 kit can do on 12 to 15 people!

Suitable for Salon Conference,With this Perm Kit,You Can Share Your Experience with Others.Show to others How to Perm the Lashes Lift!

Mini Kit Include all Perming Tools.

Salon Beauty Perm Lotion for eyelash perming kit.

Very Wonderful Eyelash Perm Kit

After Perming,The lashes can Keep Lifting for 3 months!

Mini Kit,Easy to Carry.

Promote it to Your Students or The Beginners,A good way to enhance Your Awareness.

Boost Your Business,Very important Makeup Product in Your Company or Stores,Perming Lahes Lifting now is very Popular in the world!


Package Included:

4 Perm Lotion 

1 Glue 

5 Size Lift-Pads 

Cleaning Tool