LBD Hyper Bond Eyelash Extension Glue Very Fast Dry Strong Adhesive


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Hyper Bond Glue for Eyelash Extension 


Fumes: low

Colour : black

Drying time: 0.5-1 second

Adhesive strength: around 6 - 8weeks

Size: 5ml 

Humidity: 30-65%    

Temperature :19-23 C


This product is only to be used by a trained eyelash extension technician!

Please shake it very well before use!

>How to keep Glues>

Keep away from sunlight, moisture and heat. Keep the glue caps very tight between uses. Glue must be stored in cool shade place. Keep the glues in an air-tight container with a silica pack to draw out moisture. 

Expiration for Glues Unopened glue shelf life is around 6 month but once opened shelf life is around 2-3 month.


Don’t store adhesive in the fridge once you’ve opened it. You can store adhesive in the freezer before opening to prolong shelf life.

And make sure to thaw the bottle before opening (by letting it sit in room temp for a minimum of 4 hours).