LBD Premium Lash Primer 15ml


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Fail to PREpare the lashes...PREpare for bad retention...


Not priming the natural lashes is essentially one of the seven deadly sins of the lash world!!


Failure to perform the correct pre-treatment procedure will lead to poor retention and unhappy customers - EVERY technician’s worst nightmare!


Our premium primer prepares and moisturises natural lashes by striping the lash of natural oils and residue. This then creates the ideal PH for bonding the extension to the NL. Hello fabulous retention!


How to Use: 


Apply a drop of primer onto a microfibre brush. Wipe off any excess product as necessary. 

Brush gently over the clients natural lashes. Do not rinse! 

REMEMBER! Ensure that you don’t have too much product on your microfibre brush. Over saturation of the primer can cause the product to run into the client’s eyes!


For professional use only